So, You Want to be a Blogger – New Media: Old Rules

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This course is intended to introduce participants to the basics and nuances of blogging while providing them with a handle on the tried and tested attributes of the news reporter which is essentially the position the blogger occupies in the age of new media.

Course objectives

  • The course will help the participant hone his writing skills
  • Understand the basics of news reporting and writing
  • Learn the best way to pitch and/or report a story
  • Gain an appreciation of basic proof reading and editing
  • Understand the ethical considerations around news reporting and writing

Course outline

  • Grammar, Tenses, Punctuations
  • The 5 Ws and 1 H
  • The inverted pyramid
  • Proofing and Editing
  • Ethical considerations: plagiarism, fair use, attribution, libel, slander
  • When does writing become content?

Target participants

  • Wannabe bloggers
  • Rookie reporters
  • Undergrads/grads seeking a media career
  • PR executives
  • Media Relations executives
  • Bloggers

Mode of Delivery

  • Lectures/interactive sessions
  • Case studies/Scenario Painting
  • Class work/Test
  • Video on demand

Course Duration

1 day (intensive)

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Course Content

Time: 1 day

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Minna Salami

Minna Salami is a Nigerian, Finnish and Swedish writer, thinker and speaker and referred to as one of the leading voices of contemporary feminism. Listed alongside Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama as one of '12 women changing the world' by ELLE Magazine, she is a regular writer for The Guardian, a columnist for The Guardian Nigeria and founder of the award winning blog, MsAfropolitan, a go to for African and Black feminist perspectives with over a million views. She is a regular speaker at international platforms including Yale University to TED to the Oxford Union as well as the BBC, Channel 4, Deutsche Welle, TV Ontario and SVT. With an MA in Gender Studies (Distinction) from SOAS, London and a BA in Political Science from University of Lund, Sweden as well as an Honorary Fellowship in Writing at the Hong Kong Baptist University, she brings a multidisciplinary expertise from a variety backgrounds to her work. She has lived in Nigeria, Sweden, Spain and New York and now lives in London, from where she is passionately committed to promoting progressive and positive change.


Mode of Delivery

  • Lectures/interactive sessions
  • Case studies/Scenario Painting
  • Class work/Test
  • Video on demand