Scenario Painting: Bloggers Go to Jail

Michael Dele, a blogger had just received a notification on his phone. He checked and it was a news item from a blog,

“Confus bank MD wrecks colleague’s marriage.”

‘He read the story.

Colins Ifedi, MD/CEO of Confus Bank has been accused of wrecking the marriage of a colleague, Mrs. Felicity Awolo.

Collins Ifedi, a well-known serial womanizer, has been involved in an amorous relationship with a married colleague, Felicity Awolo. Following the commencement of the relationship, Ifedi transferred his lover from the bank’s Ikeja branch to the head office so he could have unfettered access to her.

Felicity Awolo, who now works in the Oil and Gas department, has been promoted twice in 1 year and her lover boy CEO just bought her a brand new Toyota Highlander.

Her suspicious husband recently found incriminating messages on her phone and when he made enquiries realized that the number saved as CI belonged to his wife’s CEO. The very incensed young man confronted his wife who confessed that she was having an affair with her boss but showed no remorse.

The marriage has packed up and the woman has moved into a serviced apartment in Ikoyi ostensibly paid for by her lover and CEO.

Enquiries sent to the Corporate Communications department of the bank ware not acknowledged nor replied as at the time of going to press but CityCombers is aware that this is not the first time that Colins Ifedi, the married father of two boys, will be fingered in an amorous relationship.

More details coming soon.”

Michael’s heart burned with rage as he read the story. His wife used to work at Confus bank and had been laid off 6 months before when Colins Ifedi became MD/CEO. He had not forgiven Ifedi.

Immediately after he read the story, he decided to post it on his site and promote it via twitter, facebook and whatsApp.

Hours later, while having a drink with friends, two of whom were bloggers too, the story of Colins Ifedi and Felicity Awolo came up.

“I will show that man, ehn,” Michael told his friends. “He hasn’t seen anything.”

“But has anyone confirmed this story,” asked their friend a lawyer. “Does she really work in Confus bank? Has anyone checked? It can’t be hard to find out.”

“Confirm wetin. That man is a dog,” another friend, a blogger, answered.

That night as Michael searched for an image to illustrate an article he was posting on his site, he came across a photo of a couple’s pre- wedding photos. The woman was well endowed. There were 7 photos. In one, they were standing side by side and staring up at the sky and in the other one, they were cavorting on the beach in their swim wear. And just then an idea struck Michael, he saved the photos then after searching for and saving two off Colin Ifedi’s photos sent it to his graphics guy.

By the next morning, Michael had updated the story on his site.

Evil CEO – Behold the couple Colin Ifedi wrecked their marriage.

The story and photoshopped pictures were picked up and published by other bloggers including CityCombers.

Two days later, Michael received an email from the Head of Corporate Affairs at Confus Bank.

“Dear media colleague, in the light of the ongoing campaign of calumny against our CEO, he has agreed to host a press conference with friendly journalists to address the issue and tell his own side of the story.

Please join us tomorrow.

Time: 12 noon

Venue: Our boardroom

This is strictly by invitation. Non invited friendly journalists would be turned back. Thank you.

“Yes, we hit him hard,” Michael said as he set a reminder.

He arrived Confus Bank head office at 11.45am and was ushered into the boardroom.

Waiting was Akor John, publisher of

“o’boy na only you waka come?” John joked and they both laughed.

That was the last time they would both laugh for the next 6 months because the next minute, the door swung open and 4 policemen came in arrested them.

They were charged to court the next day under the cyber crime act for Willful misdirection; Computer related forgery as well as libel and defamation.

Class Discussion:

  1. Was Michael an impartial reporter?
  2. What was his first mistake?
  3. Was there ulterior motive?
  4. What 4 steps did Michael not take?
  5. Can you identify wilful misdirection?
  6. Can you identify computer related forgery?
  7. Can you identify libel?
  8. Can you identify defamation?
  9. Do you think the MD of Confus bank was justified in his action?
  10. Have you experienced this before or heard about such an occurrence?
  11. What ethical and professional mis-steps did Michael make?
  12. What have you learnt from this scenario?

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